Sunday, September 14, 2008

Silly Sunday.........

LOL, yes you are weird, Sue.
Club Penguin makes too many tall things!
Just a little game of Sue in the box, that's all.

You're also on fire!
Sue forgot her propeller cap at her igloo.
Giving away free stink bombs at a tour booth?  Sue, you have the strangest ideas.

Silly Sunday Returns........

Sue wants to feel if the water is cold.

She forgot that maracas are not drumsticks!
Poor fish.

Silly Sunday will now start.......

The news cabinet is too high for Sue!

The pain of the game.
She forgot to either put her duck float on or enter in the shallow end!
Sue's looking for her uncle, so she decided to ask this Blue Puffle.
Sue, everyone here is.  And besides, you know that streetlights are not show lights.
The Pizza Parlor STILL has bad service!

Hot pie from the Pizza Parlor?  Odd.....

Silly Sunday is here!

Dear Readers,

You know what that means..... or, well, probably not.  Today I'll be featuring a TON of HILARIOUS (Or maybe, not so HILARIOUS, but funny) things in Club Penguin.

First up:  A trip around the Plaza.

Second:  Around the beach.

The other ones are a surprise. 

New Stage

Dear Readers,

New play, "Ruby and the Ruby", came out on Friday, the 12th. It is a very Broadway-like play. It is about a penguin named Ruby that thinks somebody stole her Gemstone,  only to find that in the end, Detective Jacque Hammer has found that the Ruby is safe.  In an upcoming post I will show you where the new pin is, and how to get the Ruby pin. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just a reminder...

Remember, there's such thing as comments.

New igloo furniture!

Dear readers,

There's new igloo furniture.... and it's so "beachy cool"!  I even made my igloo into a beach... find Suegirl456 and add me!  By the time you find me I may not have my igloo as a beach anymore, but who cares!  There's Surf Towels to Curved Desks, and Plastic Chairs to Recycling Bins!   WHOOO!!!!!!!!!  SUMMER IS HERE!!!!!!!